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Microsoft Quantum - Feedback

Thank you for joining the growing community of developers, researchers, and scientists creating quantum algorithms and applications with Microsoft's Quantum Development Kit. 

Starting July 11th, 2019, theQuantum Development Kit is now open source!  We are in the process of moving existing issues here to the newGitHub repositories, and we will be discontinuing this site soon.

Your feedback, participation and contributions to the QuantumDevelopment Kit is important. To learn more about the Quantum Development Kitsources, provide feedback, and find out how you can participate in thedecisions and contribute to this growing quantum development platform, see Contributing to the Quantum Development Kit. 

You can also continue to engage with our Q# community on Stack Exchange, or Stack Overflow.   

If you'd like more general information about Microsoft's quantumcomputing initiative, see Microsoft Quantum.



Team Quantum @Microsoft

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